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Christmas Wreath making. A step by step guide.

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

  1. Materials you will need. A ring or base of some sort to attach your greenery to. Florists wire, garden wire or string to bind your greenery to the base. Secateurs for cutting the greenery and something to cut the wire or string with.

2. Gather bunches of greenery and start attaching to the base by fixing one end of the wire or string to the base then wrapping it tightly around the greenery and base. It looks good when the greenery is laid out all in the same direction overlapped so you can't see the cut ends of the greenery. Allow the ends to escape making the wreath look full and natural.

3. Keep securing your bunches of greenery all the way around the ring and fasten off the wire or string by fixing to the base.

4. Whether you like a natural looking wreath or something with a bit more bling now you've got a full looking circle of greenery it's time to add those finishing touches of pine cones, hydrangea flowers, dried orange segments, baubles or anything festive that takes your fancy.

5. Attach your ribbon or something to hang it up from and there you have it ,a step by step guide to making your own Christmas Wreath.

Suitable plants that last are, Conifers [very good for bulking out your wreath, or longer branches can be attached together if you don't have a base] Yew, Rosemary, Bay, Holly [if you can get some without thorns], Ivy the leaves and flowers, Hebe. Do remember however that like flowers , living greenery needs cool moist conditions to last. You wouldn't leave flowers out of water so don't leave your wreath in warm dry conditions, get it outside and if its somewhere its not likely to be rained on throw some water at it now and then.

Robin Hood's Bay Arts Group provided all the wreaths and hand ties decorating Bay over the Victorian Weekend with help from Lucy Hutchinson and Carol Hunter. All proceeds from the wreaths go to improving the village for locals and tourists alike.

Our studio will be open over the Victorian Weekend the 4th and 5th of December from 10am to 4pm. Original art work, prints and cards available.

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