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Five reasons to attend an Art Workshop in Robin Hood's Bay.

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

An original watercolour painting by Louise Connell of Ravenscar headland from the beach at Robin Hood's Bay with blinding sunlight breaking through the clouds
Towards Ravenscar from Robin Hood's Bay by Louise Connell

In this blog I'm going to give you five reasons to go on an Art Workshop in Robin Hood's Bay.

Kickstart your Creativity

1. Whether your a seasoned artist or someone whose just started to dabble in the arts, an art workshop can be a great way to inspire and refresh our artwork. We all can get stuck in our ways always using our own formula so to speak in creating our drawings or paintings. An art workshop can help us look at things in new ways.

Make New Friends

2. Attending an art workshop is a chance to meet other like minded people, making new friends doing an activity that you enjoy can have benefits for your metal health and happiness in the long term. Getting positive feedback and encouragement from others and in turn giving others that support gives us a real boost in confidence.

Getting Focused

3. We all know how easily we can get distracted at home, with the best intentions to work on our latest picture there always seems to be something more important to do. It's very difficult to find that self discipline needed to work on our art and without that practice we won't improve and we get disheartened and give up before we've given ourselves a fair chance. By attending an art workshop we give ourselves the opportunity to get lost in the creative process and produce something that we are happy with or at the very least have learnt from to improve our work going forward.


4. Switch off from everyday life. Studies have shown that similar to meditation drawing or painting for set periods of time can lower blood pressure and release tension. Even looking at art can have this effect upon us. Attending an art class is a great excuse to ignore your phone and emails for a few hours.

Improving our skills

5. A lot about drawing and painting isn't about making marks on paper or canvas it's actually about learning to look at things. Our brain is constantly telling us what a house or tree looks like but when we learn to look properly we see the shapes in front of us that make up a house or tree, we learn to compare the sizes and make comparisons more accurately. The more we practice these skills the better we get and soon we'll be surprising ourselves with the results. By attending an art workshop we can accelerate this learning process.

So there's five reasons to attend an art workshop in Robin Hood's Bay. Kickstart creativity, Make new friends, Get focused, Relax and Improve your skills.

Have a look at some of our art workshops for 2023 . We are a friendly art group with a well equipped studio located beyond the village hall through the main car park in Robin Hood's Bay.

Hope to see you there,

An original oil painting of Bass Ness Field , Robin Hood's Bay by Enid Allen  looking through a farm gate with a barn and the sea in the background
Bas Ness Field, Robin Hood's Bay by Enid Allen

bye for now Louise

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