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Metal Fish Sculptures

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

In this blog I talk about how I use recycled materials to produce metal fish sculptures and other sea creatures. Why not commission me to make you a unique metal fish or tin lobster sculpture to hang up in your home or business. I think my sea creatures would look especially good in a sea food restaurant.

How I make the Metal Fish Sculptures

Before I make the metal fish sculpture I do drawings to work from.

Tin fish sculpture of a Pike made from recycled materials
Metal fish Pike

I use recycled ring pull lids from tin cans for the body of the fish sculptures that I make and the cans flattened and shaped for the tail and fins. In my latest sculpture I'm using a shortbread tin for some of the fins, something I haven't tried before ,but I'm happy with the results. I always work from the tail to the head so the lids overlap in the same way that scales do. By using recycled materials and hand tools in their construction these metal fish sculptures are enviromentally friendly and sustainable.

Unfinished metal fish sculpture
Unfinished Metal Fish Sculpture of North Atlantic Cod

Decorating the metal fish sculpture

This is my favorite part of the process. I spray the whole metal fish silver, then use this as a base to paint acrylics and metallic powders on top of, sometimes I use metal leaf, such as copper to get the affects I want. I try and imitate the colours and patterns of the fish without getting too detailed, these are decorative pieces not anatomically exact models. These metal fish will go rusty if displayed outside or exposed to lots of moisture, but if kept dry the paint finish will last for years.

Metal fish sculpture of a Mackerel
Metal fish sculpture of a Mackerel

How to Commission a sea creature sculpture

Has the favorite fisherman or lady in your life got a story about the fish that got away and how big it was? Why not bring that story to life and have a metal fish sculpture made to add to their fishing tall tale. Whatever the reason these fish sculptures make an unusual gift and a great talking point in your home or business.

Consider what type of tin fish or tin lobster you would like making, think about what size you would like it to be, where it will be hung or displayed, does it need to be on a stand or hung from the ceiling, does it have to fit with your colour scheme? All these questions will help in the decision making process. Once you've decided what kind of metal fish sculpture you want I make drawings to work from, when I'm happy I make a drawing the same size as the finished piece will be.

Pencil drawing of a Mackerel and a Ballin Wrasse
Pencil drawing of a Mackerel and a Ballin Wrasse

Metal fish sculpture of a Sea Bass
Metal fish sculpture of a Sea Bass

If you are interested in commissioning a metal fish or lobster sculpture then please do get in touch to discuss your preferences. I would be delighted to hear from all you sea creature lovers. What's your favorite fish and I don't mean to eat? Personally I like a mackerel.

Have a look at my sea creatures gallery to see some of my other creations.

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