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Commissioning a piece of art is a way to make it personal and unique to you, whether that be your favorite view of Robin Hood's Bay, a sculpture of the best fish you've ever caught or a miniature copper trowel, we're here to help you fulfill your vision. 

Browse through the Galleries of Enid, Joan, Pam, Sadie and Trish to see whose style of painting you like the best. Before contacting the artist think about where in your home the painting would be hung. This will give you a good idea of what size the painting should be. If you can provide photos of the space it could be helpful. If you're wanting a landscape painting provide photos of the location. If possible meet the artist to discuss timescales, price etc. If this isn't possible communication via phone and email. The artist will make a preliminary colour sketch to make sure client and artist are on the same page before commencing the artwork. A non refundable deposit of a third of the agreed price will be required with the remaining monies paid on collection or delivery of the painting.

Oils and acrylics
An original oil painting by Sadie Hepburn  of Robin Hood's Bay viewed from the beach

To commission an original watercolour painting browse Louise's Gallery to see if you like her style. Louise likes to paint realistic renditions of landscapes, seascapes, villages, architecture, flowers and butterflies. She tries to capture moments in time that strike her with their beauty. She likes to work from her own photos or from life to experience the place. In this day and age when everyone has a quality camera on their phone she believes paintings need to capture some of the emotion of a scene. 

Before contacting Louise think about where you'd like to hang a painting, watercolours should be hung out of direct sunlight and are mounted behind glass. This will help you determine the paintings size. Provide Louise with as much information as possible, e.g photos, colour preferences, anything you think would help to get your ideas across.

Once a decision and price are agreed a non refundable deposit of a third with the remaining money to be paid on collection or delivery of the completed commissioned painting.

An original watercolour painting by Louise Connell of small boats moored in Staithes Beck, the sunlighrt is bouncing off the water.
Sea creatures

These tin sea creatures are made from recycled tin cans with use of hand tools and pop rivets and are sustainably made and not adding to global warming in their production.

To commission a metal fish or lobster sculpture from Louise you need to decide what dimensions you want the creature to be.  To determine this think about where the sculpture might potentionally be sited. Will it be suspended or mounted on a stand if it's a fish? The Lobsters and crabs can be free standing on their own legs or hung from a wall. Louise will first do a scale drawing of the sea creature which she does referencing photographs. From this stage on the deposit of 25% of the overall price will be non-refundable.

Once the metal sculpture is at a half way point another 25% will be required and then if the client is happy to proceed the remaining monies will be payable on collection or before postage of the piece. Because the sculptures are hollow the are light but robust and therefore not expensive to post or hang.

Tin lobster by Louise Connell made from recycled tin cans and lids
A metal fish sculpture of a mackerel made by Louise Connell from recycled tin cans and lids

Hand beaten copper trowels


These miniature hand beaten copper trowels make unusual gardening gifts for that green fingered person in your life. All the trowel blades are made from recycled copper and cut out by hand from a template using tin snips. These flat blanks are then cleaned up and hammered into shape, the flat tang ( part that fixes into the handle) is made into a tube.                 

The wooden handles are turned on a lathe by a local craftsman and two holes are drilled, one to accept the tang and one for the copper triangle which can be      attached to a key ring or used for hanging. The handles are polished and protected using osmo, an oil/wax finish.

The handles can then be customised with paintings of insects, such as bumble bees, inlaid with glass gems, initials or any reasonable request. Customisation costs £5 for simple additions, more if more complicated.

Why not commission an unusual gift for a gardener or just get one of these delightful miniature trowels for yourself.

bling trowel 1.jpg
trowel bee 2 1.jpg
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