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 A watercolour painting of the Helga Maria, an old gaff rigged, Danish fishing boat at sunset.jpg

Louise Connell

enids bay 1.JPG

Enid Allen

trish 11.jpg

Trish Connell

Tin lobster by Louise Connell

Tin Sea creatures

 an old painting by Sadie Hepburn of a sandy beach looking towards some crofters cottages on Benbecula, an island in the Scottish Hebrides

Sadie Hepburn

an acrylic painting of Robin Hood's Bay viewed from the rocks just above the beach just south of the village

Pam Hoyle

joans whitby.JPG

Joan Newton

 A watercolour painting of Tortoiseshell butterfly

Butterflies and Flowers

an image of a miniature hand beaten copper trowel with a turned ash handle with a bumble bee painted on it.

Miniature Trowels

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