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Latest Art Workshops in 2023 in Robin Hood's

March 11th Steve Huison's workshop Drawing with a focus on negative space.

This workshop runs from 10 am till 4 pm and is a drawing workshop to help us all improve our observational skills. Steve helps us to focus on the negative spaces in a composition for example the sky holes between the branches of a winter tree or the gaps between the legs of a chair.

All materials, a delicious lunch and beverages are included in the price. £50, £20 deposit secures your place.

May 13th Watercolour Workshop with John Harrison

This workshop runs from 10am till 4pm with John Harrison a trained graphic designer with a strong illustrative style. John works with strong line drawings in ink with watercolour washes applied in varying degrees to focus the viewers eye.

'I draw ( pun intended) from many sources- Yorkshire's glorious Dales and Coast, the stunning Lake District, city,, village and townscapes- and I always look for dynamic viewpoints and with interesting perspective and strong light and shadows rather than the usual picture postcard view.'

All materials, a delicious lunch and beverages are included in the price - £50, £20 secures your place.

To check out John Harrison's work

Now fully booked

July 1st Oil Painting Workshop with Paul Talbot-Greaves.

This workshop runs from 10am till 4pm with Paul Talbot-Greaves an artist painting in watercolours, oils and acrylics with a loose expressive style.

'My work reflects the rugged scenery of the landscape either in the context of wild places or the nature of the Yorkshire hills where I live.

I draw my inspiration from historical connections using layers of colour, texture, shapes and patterns applied with energy and feeling. My main inspiration is light and the effects created by the contrast of shadows.'

This exciting workshop includes a delicious lunch and beverages. 

To discover more about this artist check out his website

Now fully booked.

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